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In 1970 i  bought my first Standard Poodle  his name was Marsail Smart Alec, He was a lovely gentle boy. with great sadness Alec passed away at 4mths of age.  A few months later i purchased another boy a relation to Alec his name was Hauteur Playboy i called him Tyson. It was  March 1971 Tyson and i made our show ring debut, He was  a baby puppy and i was a novice we were a great pair, we soon got the idea of what was expected of us in the show ring. Tyson  and i went on to bigger horizons he was holding his own in that ring i was the youngest exhibitor showing standard poodles in those days, after a couple of years i aquired a female Standard her name was Sayantsi First Arrival "Cindi" I was showing both of them, to which they attained their Aust Championship, a few of the experienced exhibitors took me under their wings, their knowledge of the breed was invaluable, i was an apprentice Dog Groomer  the clipping and grooming and how to look after a coated breed was of great interest and essential.  In 1978  Cindi  had 10 puppies, this is when TYTAFF STANDARD POODLES began. Over the past 39 years we have shown and bred many champions this can be seen on our website, we have imported our poodles from England over the past 24 years,  also breeding with  other imported bloodlines that  have been imported into Australia, all this is what makes TYTAFF STANDARD POODLES today.  I still exhibit in the show ring.  Now i'm one of the oldies ...  it gives me great pleasure to pass on my knowledge to new Standard Poodle owners. 

Dog clipping and grooming is  my profession... in 1978  i established  TYTAFF'S DOG CLIPPING AND GROOMING  SALON  relocating to Willoughby in 1990...  In  1992   TYTAFF'S won the Consumers Choice catergory (Nth shore small business awards.)   the following  year  TYTAFF'S became a finalist in the same catergory .. In 1999 TYTAFF'S relocated to Middle Cove,   Tytaff's is now located in the Blue Mountains.




                                              TYTAFF STANDARD POODLES 

                                               LAWSON       N.S.W                            

                                              (ph) (02) 47591503 0r 0412258152                     

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Terese Emberson
Lawson, NSW, Australia
Phone : (02) 47591503 - 0412258152
Email : [email protected]


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